How to use my Gallery

In this section we will dive into teaching you how to use your gallery to its fullest potential. Every digital collection investment will come with your online gallery along with print release. You will receive your gallery to email you provided when purchasing your session. You gallery will allow you to download your images at high resolution to any device or online service for archiving, printing or sharing. It will also give you the opportunity to save favorites, share with friends and family on social media and my personal can order professional prints right from you gallery. Let watch the video below to see first hand how it will look if you were to open your email/gallery from your mobile device.

How to use my Gallery App

This next section will help you to explore your new Personal Gallery App. In this video you will get to see what we mean by "gallery app". We will show you how to install your app from you phone and all the features this app will offer and why upgrading is a must.

Click the image to see how to choose your digital collection included in your investment